Feedback From PAGSA

SARS have released an updated version 6.0.1 of e@syFile  on 26th April

The new version will correct two problems that occurred under --
1.  Under a certain combination of circumstances, the password functionality no longer worked.
2.  When a large number of CSV files were imported into e@syFile one after another, a problem arose.

All employers, whether they have submitted their tax certificates or not, are urged to download the new version of e@syFile

(after a backup of the database was made).

Submissions that have already been accepted by SARS do not have to be re-submitted.

SARS will shortly be issuing a notice explaining the changes to e@syFile in more detail.

In certain circumstances employers have terminate the power during the download of version 6.0.0 when it appears that the program take too long during the initial start-up process when version 6.0.0 was used the first time after downloading.
During this initial start-up process, a split of the database was done into various databases per PAYE number and the data was encrypted.  If this initial process was terminated, some of the data of one or more PAYE number will not be loaded fully in the database of the relevant PAYE number and some information will be missing.
If you have experienced this problem, please restore the database backup (before v. 6.0.0 release) to ensure that the information is fully loaded in each PAYE number's separate database.

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