SUGEN and SAP simplify knowledge transfer to SAP customers

Online platform fulfilsneed for quick and easy access to relevantSAPinformation

Newtown Square (US)/Walldorf (DE)/’s-Hertogenbosch (NL), 25 September 2012 - SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN), a global network of sixteen independent SAP user groups, is pleased to announce the launch of the Knowledge Transfer Platform developed jointly with SAP AG.

The online platform fills the gap between the information needs of customers and the information sources that are already available to them. SAP User Groups and customers have a variety of informational needs, such as target group oriented, market oriented, product and industry specific, etc. That information is readily available through sources at SAP e.g., SAP Service Marketplace, SAP Help Portal and SAP Collaboration Network. However, the challenge for customers is to find the exact information they are looking for  without having background information about the sources. There was no clear structure of the information for an intuitive navigation through the SAP information sources.

“A number of SUGEN User Groups collaborated with SAP AG to develop a solution to this problem” said Richard Thorpe, a member of the SUGEN Core Leadership Team and sponsor of the Knowledge Transfer project. “We have aimed to simplify the way information can be acquired in a manner that can be applied globally by involving the real usage of the knowledge transfer assets of each User Group and to focus on the processes inside SAP, from SAP to partners and from SAP to customers. This will make the User Group the main source of SAP application and technology information.”

The Knowledge Transfer Platform is easily accessible online (see This web presence has been established by the SAP Global User Groups Organization led by Yasmin Awad and is embedded into the SAP Service Marketplace which allows for the use of existing infrastructure and security concepts. In addition to a dedicated area for SUGEN, country pages will provide country specific or localized content that can be designed in collaboration with the respective User Group and can be restricted to it’s members.

The benefits to customers are:

  • A Knowledge Transfer Platform  that enables SAP customers to easily navigate and consume relevant content.
  • A scalable and repeatable engagement methodology that guides SAP customers through different stages in their solution adoption cycle.
  • Quality content made available to all SAP customers to assist them in leveraging technology.

Yasmin Awad, Senior Vice President, SAP Global User Group Organization, commented that “this is another example of the global network of User Groups and SAP working together to solve real customer issues and strengthen knowledge transfer to SAP customers”.

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