2020 Quarter 3 Events

15 September 2020WebcastRetail & CPG: BW4/HANA on AWS – Lessons from the cutting edgePresentations
17 September 2020WebcastEnterprise Information Management: Master Data Series Three – ManagementPresentations
17 September 2020WebcastS/4 HANA: How to go about building a value or business case for S4HANA that outlines (NPV, IRR, Payback period etc.)Presentations
22 September 2020WebcastRetail & CPG: Experience Management in the Era of Covid-19Presentations
28 September 2020WebcastAFSUG: DGB’s Perfect Store Execution with SAP Sales CloudPresentations
29 September 2020WebcastS/4 HANA: Driving Excellence in SAP Implementations with Quality PrinciplesPresentations
30 September 2020WebcastS/4 HANA: Insights and Benefits of Persistent Memory for SAP HANAPresentations
06 August 2020WebcastMoving On From PI: AFSUG WebcastPresentations
11 August 2020WebcastCustomer Experience: SAP Cloud Platform and it’s place in SAP CXPresentations
12 August 2020WebcastHuman Experience Management: WebCast – Easy Mobile Timesheet Capture and Approvals for SuccessFactors Employee CentralPresentations
18 August 2020WebcastReal Estate Management: Virtual Session – COVID19 – Rent Relief – How to handle from an Accounting point of View – IFRS16 and REPresentations
19 August 2020WebcastS/4 HANA: Financial Planning and Analysis – SAC, BPC and the S/4 Model Company for FinancePresentations
20 August 2020WebcastEnterprise Information Management & Analytics: Master Data Series – Session Two – Technical Delivery for S4 HANA Data MigrationPresentations
02 July 2020WebcastHuman Experience Management: Be confident in the quality of your HR data – Venky – AccenturePresentations
22 July 2020WebcastSolution Manager & Application Life Cycle Management: Requirements to Deploy (R2D) usage for S/4HANA – Live in ActionPresentations
23 July 2020WebcastEnterprise Information Management & Analytics: Master Data Series – Session One – New Features of SAP Master Data GovernancePresentations
29 July 2020WebcastUtilites Webcast: AFSUG – Insights into Revenue Management Enterprise Common Challenges – WebCast InvitePresentations