African SAP User Group 2024 Membership Contract


The African SAP User Group (AFSUG) is an independent, non-profit organization with a primary focus on representing the SAP Customer and Partner community throughout Africa.

In addition to its role as a platform for networking and knowledge exchange, AFSUG functions as ONE VOICE, offering SAP Customers and Partners (hereinafter “member”) a dedicated space for discussions on best practices. Members are actively encouraged to share experiences of common interest, success stories, and thus promoting enhanced influence, collaboration, and expedited business implementation.

AFSUG membership brings with it an extensive array of benefits, including access to Special Interest Groups (SIGs), continuous engagement in online webinars and knowledge-sharing initiatives, participation in in-person events, utilisation of diverse channels of influence, and numerous networking opportunities that span the entire year.

Kindly complete your membership agreement with the African SAP User Group by signing the document in the designated fields below.



By endorsing the confirmation form, member companies commit wholeheartedly to active participation, including attending events, contributing to discussions, and engaging with online resources.


Members opting to cancel their participation must communicate such decisions in writing to AFSUG. The member company remains responsible for the full outstanding amount, and any applicable fees associated with cancellation.


The Member company commits to settling the due amount and the balance within 30 days of receiving the invoice. Payments should be remitted to the financial account specified on the invoice unless otherwise arranged with AFSUG.


  1. By concluding an agreement with the African SAP User Group (AFSUG), the Member Company acknowledges and accepts the present terms as an integral component thereof. No other terms from the Member’s company documents, whether general or specific, are recognised.
  2. Any dispute regarding an invoice must be submitted in writing within 30 days of invoice receipt; otherwise, it will be deemed inadmissible, with the date of the invoice considered the date of receipt.
  3. Invoices are payable to The African SAP User Group (AFSUG), and any agreed-upon discounts will be applied as stipulated and agreed upon in writing.
  4. The African SAP User Group organise all the planned events annually and also uses sponsors. In case the African SAP User Group decides not to organise one of the planned events for any reason, including force majeure, the Member Company (Partner or Sponsor) is solely entitled to repayment of deposits and invoices already paid, and shall not be entitled to make a claim to compensation of any kind. Moreover, the organisation retains the right, with no rights to compensation on the part of the partners, to decide to extend, postpone or curtail the event ahead of time, or to move it to a time and place to the benefit and advantage of the event.
  5. The AFSUG Member company agrees to comply with the decisions of the organiser in all cases not provided for in the general terms or in the terms indicated in the registration form, which constitute an integral part of the agreement.
  6. AFSUG is not liable for any accidents or losses under any circumstances.
  7. As an African SAP User Group (AFSUG) member, companies can contribute content and information to AFSUG events. Partners not signing a sponsoring agreement can submit content for consideration to a Special Interest Group, limited to once a year.


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