AFSUG and SAP co-hosts the SAP Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) Roadshow delving into the realm of ALM strategies

The Africa SAP User Group (AFSUG) hosted Phase Two of the in-person SAP ALM Roadshow. The event, which featured esteemed international speakers and experts from SAP, provided a unique opportunity for customers and partners to delve into the realm of Application LifeCycle Management (ALM) strategies.

Expert Insights:

The SAP ALM Roadshow welcomed two distinguished speakers, Suhaib Mohammed, Solution Expert for SAP ALM, and Sunil Chopra, Director of SAP ALM, both from SAP Labs India. These experts engaged with the South African ALM community, sharing invaluable knowledge and experiences to help shape effective ALM strategies for the region.

Event Highlights:

The Roadshow unfolded across three locations—Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban—showcasing AFSUG and SAP’s commitment to reaching our members and SAP users. Johannesburg initiated the week-long event on November 27, followed by Cape Town on November 29, and a fitting conclusion in Durban on December 01.

Each location featured a comprehensive agenda designed to empower participants in optimizing their ALM strategies, fostering a collaborative environment for knowledge exchange.

Key Agenda Topics:

SAP ALM Strategy: Tracy Bolton, COO of SAP, provided insights into SAP’s ALM strategy, emphasizing the importance of effective Application Lifecycle Management.

Cloud Implementation + Demo: The Roadshow explored the implementation of cloud solutions, offering practical demonstrations to illustrate the benefits of integrating cloud technologies into ALM strategies.

Tricentis Test Automation with SAP Cloud ALM: Delegates learned how to leverage Tricentis Test Automation in conjunction with SAP Cloud ALM for efficient testing and quality assurance.

SAP Cloud ALM Operations: The agenda included sessions on configuring and operating SAP Cloud ALM for optimal performance, ensuring participants could make the most of SAP’s ALM portfolio.

SAP ALM Readiness Check: Insights were provided on executing the SAP ALM Readiness Check, a crucial step in ensuring a smooth transition and operational readiness.

Transition from SAP Solution Manager to SAP Cloud ALM: Practical aspects of transitioning from traditional on-premise solutions, such as SAP Solution Manager, to the innovative SAP Cloud ALM were addressed.

City Highlights:

Johannesburg – 27th November: Tracy Bolton set the stage, opening the week with SAP’s ALM strategy and fostering a sense of community among ALM enthusiasts.

Cape Town – 29th November: Calvin van der Walt, AFSUG ALM Vice Chair, welcomed delegates to the second leg of the Roadshow in Century City, emphasizing the importance of collaboration and knowledge sharing.

Durban – 01 December: In a fitting conclusion to the week-long SAP ALM Roadshow, Zimele Technologies generously sponsored the use of their facilities in Umhlanga. The session was opened by Felix Chabeli from Stratfore Tech, setting the stage for an engaging session that drew a full and attentive audience.


The SAP ALM Roadshow, hosted by AFSUG, served as a hub for knowledge exchange, collaboration, and innovation. Delegates gained valuable insights into shaping robust ALM strategies, harnessing the power of cloud solutions, and maximizing the potential of SAP’s ALM portfolio.

The Roadshow’s success stands as a testament to the commitment of AFSUG and SAP to empower organizations in South Africa with the tools and knowledge needed for efficient and effective Application Lifecycle Management. As we look ahead, the impact of this event on shaping the future of ALM in the region is sure to be enduring.

Article by: Tracey Keene – AFSUG Events – Senior Manager