The African SAP User Group (AFSUG) represents the SAP Customer and Partner community in allowing customers and partners to share stories of mutual interest in an environment that lends to influencing and collaboration for the community.

AFSUG is the only user group in Africa representing SAP but important to note, completely independent of SAP and is a Non-profit organization. 

AFSUG Membership Benefits:

  • Access to Customer Influence Program
  • Access to local and international SAP experts
  • Knowledge share leads to reduced RISK, on current & new projects
  • Access to Webinars
  • New Version Information, & the ability to influence future development
  • SAP Roadmaps
  • Real South African case studies
  • Social Connections – Connect. Create. Collaborate.

AFSUG host up to 10 SAP Special Interest Group’s based on solutions that are offered by SAP including industry focused events throughout each year, in Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban respecively should you wish to view some of the events we have hosted this year, you can visit our events calendar which is on our AFSUG Website –