Dear SAP Partners and SAP Customers,

SAP is striving to improve the user experience and to make working with their products easier. For this, they are looking for feedback from users who are working with the SAP Business Technology Platform (BTP, formerly: SAP Cloud Platform) every day. SAP would like to get their insights on what is helpful and where they need to improve the application help, or provide additional information.

The customer council group was founded for the collaboration with our customers and partners on this topic and is now looking for developers, software architects and administrators who use the SAP BTP and have a strong technical background.

The customer council is an open discussion round where authors from SAP ask specific questions on the SAP BTP documentation (covering the help portal, blogs, and guided tours as well as videos and embedded help). Tell us what you like, what you miss, and where we need to improve or enhance our help offerings to make using the SAP BTP easier.

SAP plan to run the customer council as a long-running community and will send out a topic for feedback roughly every 4-6 weeks. If you decide to give feedback for a specific topic, they ask to please invest some time for reading or trying out the materials as well as a 1-hour call to discuss your feedback.

If you are interested in a first-hand exchange with SAP as well as other SAP customers and partners to develop and enhance SAP BTP help materials together with SAP authors, please contact SAP´s Kerstin Billen at . You can also get in touch if you have further questions concerning the customer council. When you are interested, SAP will invite you to a call for new customer council participants to explain the concept in detail and to answer your questions.

Kerstin Billen and Sven Gierse

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