Great Infographic to explain SAP Business Technology Platform (2023 Update!)

Christian Michel

April 11, 2022 1 minute read

Infographic: 25 Ideas for SAP BTP (UPDATE 2023)

Images can turn seemingly complex topics into simple visual representations. In this infographic I share 25 quick ideas for using SAP Business Technology Platform. Share on social media just by clicking the LinkedIn icon below this article.

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Infographic: 25 Ideas for SAP BTP

Explain SAP Business Technology Platform with a graphic?

SAP Business Technology platform brings so many great capabilities and features. However, the size of the platform makes it challenging to give a quick overview of this platform. Of course, you could visit the product page or the fantastic SAP Discovery Center for detailed information.

A faster way is this infographic: I selected 25 services on SAP Business Technology Platform that are perfect starting points both for technical and non-technical audiences. I skipped all purely technical services, e.g., services to manage cryptographic keys, single sign-on, or data-tiering. Those are services relevant at a later point in time and not for the first ideation. Each of those 25 services is assigned to exactly one usage area:

  • User Experience & Development
  • Integration
  • Planning & Analytics
  • Data
  • Artificial Intelligence

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