Building Resilience through Mindfulness

Topic: Building Resilience through Mindfulness
Date: 28 February 2024
Time:  10:00 -11:00 – SAST (SA Standard Time)

Building resilience through mindfulness involves cultivating mental strength and emotional resilience by practicing present moment awareness, non-judgmental observation of thoughts and feelings, and developing greater self-awareness. This enables individuals to better cope with challenges, regulate emotions, and bounce back from difficulties with ease, fostering adaptability and well-being. This session takes you through some practical exercises that you can incorporate into your daily lives to help you build resilience.

Speaker: Sharmila Jasmath (SAP Partner Enablement Lead for Africa & SAP Mindfulness Ambassador/Teacher ) is based in Johannesburg, South Africa. She is a Mindfulness Coach and has a passion to share the benefits of Mindfulness within her communities. As a Mindfulness Ambassador at SAP and a Search Inside Yourself co-teacher she is also able to spread awareness amongst colleagues at SAP.