Message by Gianmaria Perancin, Chairman SUGEN CLT, Chairman
Utilisateurs SAP Francophones (USF)

If we had to underline the major key success of the F2F, it should be mentioned that we were physically together, for 3 days, in the same wonderful space at the SAP AppHaus in Heidelberg.

We weren’t only voices and faces on Microsoft Teams meetings anymore, nor sitting on our chairs, in our room at home or at the office, trying to establish a connection with someone sitting somewhere in another room and part of the world… and generally very far from us.

On the contrary, we were back TOGETHER, AGAIN. and FINALLY.

The last meeting under such conditions takes us back to 2019, three years ago. In the meantime, SUGEN has worked, as all of you know, and we have done a lot of work. But clearly, the fact that we were able to share the same physical space together… well, it was a source of a strong and needed regeneration.
This F2F was also very particular for the density of the exchange we had with SAP executives.
Questions and feedbacks were open and direct, but also more intensive than in the past. Probably, the set-up of the meetings – all sitting around the speakers, and not at the usual table in a formal meeting room – allowed all the people, both on SUGEN and SAP side, to feel at ease during the extremely constructive interactions we had. This is why very likely, the future SUGEN F2F will be hosted again at the AppHaus : to keep this atmosphere of co-construction between SUGEN and SAP, on the various topics we will have to discuss in the future.

One outcome we could clearly be proud of is our capacity to have bidirectional exchanges between SUGEN and SAP: there is no descending information, but instead intensive exchanges with all the participants.

SAP clearly delivers value to SUGEN, by providing content and information about roadmaps and services. SUGEN delivers clear value to SAP, through engaged presence, feedback and influence. And this emerges from the different articles that compose this edition of the DIGEST.
Enjoy reading !!
Gianmaria Perancin