SUGEN is the SAP User Group Executive Network, where over 22 User Groups meet globally in Germany at Waldorf twice yearly to share knowledge, share best practices and engage with SAP to learn more about the latest SAP innovations and strategy.

During the four months leading up to our annual SUGEN visit, various User Group representatives contributed significantly to the creation of the “Guide to Grow” for SAP User Groups. Our own AFSUG General Manager, Amanda Gibbs, contributed AFSUG’s insights to add to the creation of the “Guide to Grow” for SAP User Groups, and we played an active role in adding value to this effort. We are proud to announce that this collaborative effort has resulted in a comprehensive manual that is now available to all SAP user groups, we have one issue at the AFSUG office. This is a testament to the strength of our global network and the collective wisdom that we can leverage for mutual growth.

We are thrilled to provide an update on our recent visit to Germany from November 7th to 10th, 2023. Duke Mathebula, our Chairman, Reg Barry our Vice-Chairman, and Amanda Gibbs, General Manager represented AFSUG at the SUGEN meeting.

During this visit, we had the privilege of meeting with over 20 SAP User Groups from around the world. The Global User Group Team (GUGO) at SAP graciously welcomed all user groups that participated on the 7th and hosted us for the three days, fostering collaboration and knowledge exchange.

AFSUG actively participated in presenting two topics at the Best Practice Day on November 10th. The first presentation highlighted the success of our “Educate to Employ” program, which has helped bridge the education-to-employment gap in collaboration with SAP and UNICEF. The second presentation provided valuable insights into the functionality and effectiveness of our CRM system. Other respected User Groups such as JSUG, SAUG, UKISUG, AUSAPE, and VNSG also shared their best practices and experiences.

The knowledge gained during this visit will undoubtedly shape the future of AFSUG. We look forward to implementing these insights into our local SAP practices. Our Vice-Chairman, Reg Barry, is representing us (AFSUG and our members) on the SUGEN Core Leadership Team (CLT).

About SUGEN (SAP User Group Executive Network)

The SAP User-Group Executive Network (SUGEN) was established in 2007 to foster the information exchange and best practice sharing among SAP User Groups and to coordinate the collaboration with SAP for strategic topics. It is a united network of 16 SAP User Group Communities across six continents.

The SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN) is comprised of leaders from multiple global SAP User Groups. With a mission to provide a powerful, international voice, SUGEN unites regional SAP User Groups in an open, honest dialogue between members and SAP.