Vision and Mission


Enabling SAP customers to share a journey in a safe environment, reducing the risk of any future project while enabling them to connect with the right partners in implementing a solution. For AFSUG, the platform has the value of not being a sales platform, but rather a knowledge platform through customer success stories and partner sharing of new and easier tools, alongside SAP’s updating of current versions and roadmaps.


By networking with like-minded peers, AFSUG’s Vision enables each customer to maximize SAP’s benefits. Shared challenges become effective solutions.


As with all Global SAP User Groups, AFSUG’s sole purpose is to provide a platform for exchange of ideas, information, and experiences among SAP partners, customers, and other stakeholders.


Providing the SAP Customer & Partner Network with a Platform to exchange ideas.

  • Using SAP Experts and Customers to share their journey and challenges they’ve overcame, Special Interest Group Events feature content on the latest “HOT TOPICS”.
  • We are One Voice focusing on the SAP User Group Community with a wide range of input allowing us to put forward positive and professional requests to SAP..
  • Volunteers can be recognized as SAP Experts within their respective solutions and services, at all levels of hierarchy within an organization, while learning new skills and providing content, plus attending or hosting events that make AFSUG successful.

AFSUG Membership Benefits:

  • Customer Influence Program access
  • International and local SAP experts at your fingertips
  • As a result of knowledge sharing, RISK is reduced on both current and future projects
  • Webinars, on-line meetings, and SAP events are all available
  • Information about the new version and the ability to influence future development
  • SAP Roadmaps
  • Real South African case studies
  • Connecting and networking with others.