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AFSUG is the only user group in Southern Africa representing SAP but important to note, completely independent of SAP and is a Non-profit organization.  Governed by a Board of Customer and Partner CIO’s who volunteer their time.

AFSUG host up to 10 SAP Special Interest Group’s based on solutions that are offered by SAP including industry focused events throughout each year. These face to face events are held in  Johannesburg, Cape Town and Durban respectively. During the Covid-19 Pandemic we will be hosting digital and webcast events.  We host monthly Special Interest Group Meetings (SIG’s) and host a variety of partner and customer webcasts with local and international SAP Experts.

The date of our biennial SAPHILA conference will be confirmed.

About African SAP User Group

AFSUG is a forum of SAP customers representing their industries and business and technological processes to share information and experiences, to accelerate implementation of successful business solutions, and to influence SAP Africa and SAP AG’s local and global directions.

Through regular, focused and highly professional contact between themselves, the business partners and with SAP Africa at all levels, AFSUG promotes the needs and wishes of the User community.

Additionally, through this contact, it assists SAP Africa in the management of the service-related challenges presented by rapid growth.

A key principle in that AFSUG does not inhibit the individual freedom of members but, through collaboration, enhances the collective influence of the user community within the African region. By means of consistency and openness of approach, the aim is to develop a “win-win” relationship with SAP Africa. AFSUG shall not be a bureaucracy but a mechanism to facilitate relationships between members and SAP Africa.

Objectives of AFSUG

  • To provide a constitutional and operational framework for customers within the African region to gain accredited member status.
  • To provide a forum for mutual education and exchange of ideas and information among member organizations and promote sound and professional SAP systems usage and best practices.
  • To provide the direction, and influence of development activities, products, policies and services of SAP AG  and related vendors in the interest of all member organizations to meet user requirements.
  • To optimize SAP Africa and SAP AG support for the specific needs of individual country laws and business procedures.


SAP customers who are operating SAP software for the purpose of running their business are eligible to become Customer Members of the User Group. A company having paid a single license fee is deemed to be a customer. Companies who are Business Partners of SAP may join the user Group as Business Partner  Members, Companies, organizations and individuals may also join the User Group as Associate Members where Executive Committee of the User Group considers that their membership would be to the overall benefit of the User Group. All employees of any category of member may participate in the User Group events.

Membership Fees 2022

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee of the African SAP User Group is elected at the Annual General Meeting and consists of up to 7 persons. SAP Southern Africa nominates a spokesperson to act on their behalf in meetings with the Executive Committee.

Executive Committee Forums

This will meet at least four times a year to discuss the affairs of the User Group. All items to be brought to the attention of the EC will be reduced to writing to ensure formal minutes of EC activities are kept and available. The formal annual general meeting will be held at the annual conference. Election of new office bearers’ will take place at this time.

Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups “SIGS” have always provided the very backbone and foundation of the User Group as it is through these groups that the three main objectives of a User Group. i.e. Educate, Influence, and Network can best be met. They provide forums for Users across the region to share experiences and knowledge, to learn about new technologies and approaches, and to debate jointly with SAP the possibility of future product enhancements to meet both local and industry needs.

SIGS will be formed as users decide to do operandi in terms of election of leaders and meeting arrangements. SAP Africa will have representatives on all SIGS.

AFSUG Serious Business Woman Folding Arms

Additional Activities

The User Group will undertake such additional activities as necessary to meet the interests and needs of its members. Whilst not limited to.

These will include:

  • The maintenance of an internet web page – www.afsug.com
  • The regular issue of newsletters
  • The conduct of surveys on topics of special interest
  • Participation in general education programmes
  • Executive briefings
  • Benchmarking

User Group Office

The AFSUG User Group works  from home and will set up meetings during the Covid Pandemic either virtually or at a meeting site determined. This office administration and communications are managed via email,. All membership lists, accounts, SAP liaison, conference arrangements, etc are made via MS Teams..