Introducing our Special Interest Groups – SIGS

Many of our Special Interest Groups are in regular contact with senior SAP Executives and we have at least one SAP representative on each of our SIGs, which makes the SIG’s a great forum for direct engagement and feedback.  

Application Lifecycle Management

There are many topics covered by this SIG, including the full Application and Development Lifecycle of SAP solutions. This SIG helps AFSUG members learn how to optimize their SAP landscape.

Customer Experience (CX)

Learn how the SAP CX cloud product portfolio allows companies to attract and retain customers while growing revenue.

Data Management

The Data Management Special Interest Group exists to enable you to achieve information excellence, to improve operational efficiency, promote transparency and enable business insight. 

Digital Finance & Risk and Real Estate Management

The SIG will focus on finance topics, country regulatory changes, new technology innovations, roadmaps and feedback from customers on recent implementations. The Real Estate Management SIG provides a knowledge-sharing forum for existing and potential users of SAP Cloud for Real Estate. 

Digital Supply Chain

Through a combination of S/4 HANA and traditional SAP Business Suite, the SIG develops, plans, executes, controls, and monitors the movement and storage of raw materials, work-in-process inventory, and finished goods.

Human Capital Management

The Human Capital Management (HCM) Special Interest Group aims to add value to the organisations the members represent by helping them gain a leading edge with the use of SAP HR On-premise and SuccessFactors.

Retail & CPG

The Retail & CPG SIG aims to provide opportunities to network, share knowledge, and receive independent views across all platforms with a particular focus on SAP for Retail. Using various techniques and regular in-person interactions, the SIG assists AFSUG members across the entire sector.


The S/4HANA Special Interest Group offers SAP customers and partners the opportunity to collaborate and share their technical case studies and experiences throughout their S/4HANA development, implementation, and deployment.

Technology Platform​

An intelligent enterprise requires a business-ready data platform that helps you find the signal in the noise and unleash your data’s potential for better business outcomes. The SAP HANA® platform provides the next-generation data management foundation for all of the industry-leading SAP® solutions.

AFSUG will host Sustainability sessions throughout the year to its members through online and face-to-face events. By raising awareness, understanding SAP’s capabilities, and gaining valuable insight from the wider community, we aim to enable AFSUG members to get ahead faster.

Get Involved

Host a meeting: Hosting a SIG provides many benefits to you and your company and we’ll help you get everything you need organised.

Share your Experiences:  Presenting at a SIG is really easy and SIG chairs will assist you in your preparation. Generating discussion on topics and challenges relevant to your company can showcase to other companies the outcomes that are in experiencing the same challenges- a great opportunity for a directed conversation.

Become a Volunteer:  You can develop your personal skills by becoming a User Group Volunteer. We offer you the opportunity to gain experience in organizing and facilitating events, selecting topics that will be of interest to members, and giving you the opportunity to speak at our biennial SAPHILA conference. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to practice public speaking and presentation skills.

It is important to note that your organization must be an AFSUG Paid-up Member to participate as a Steercom Volunteer.

Contact us for more information on how to participate as a member of a Steering Committee for a Special Interest Group