Special Interest Groups

Special Interest Groups

The SIG Is A Special Interest Group That Focuses On A Specific SAP Area.

Many of our Special Interest Groups are in regular contact with senior SAP Executives and we have at least one SAP representative on each of our SIGs, which makes the SIG’s a great forum for direct engagement and feedback.   SIG’s can also submit joint requests for the Customer Connection and  Continuance Influence Program giving them an increased opportunity to be accepted by SAP. Our SIG’s meet monthly to discuss the topic and information sharing to share with our user community on a specific topic.

For further information or should you wish to participate as a Steercom Volunteer for a Special Interest Group, note your organization must be a paid-up member, partner, or customer.

Get Involved:

Host a meeting: Hosting a SIG provides many benefits to you and your company and we’ll help you get everything you need organised.

Share your Experiences:  Presenting at a SIG is really easy and SIG chairs will assist you in your preparation. Generating discussion on topics and challenges relevant to your company can showcase to other companies the outcomes that are in experiencing the same challenges- a great opportunity for a directed conversation.

Become a Volunteer:  You can develop your personal skills by becoming a User Group Volunteer. We offer you the opportunity to gain experience in organizing and facilitating events, selecting topics that will be of interest to members, and giving you the opportunity to speak at our biennial SAPHILA conference. As a volunteer, you have the opportunity to practice public speaking and presentation skills.

The customer experience SIG brings together customer data, experiential and operational data, and the power of intelligent technologies across sales, marketing, commerce, and service to deliver engaging and trusted experiences in the moments that matter most to your customers. The SAP C/4HANA suite employs a unified data model and cross-platform integrations, these solutions help organizations break down silos between various systems, unifying consumer data and operational data, and applying advanced business intelligence to fuel experiences that are consistent, relevant, and based on customers’ permissions and preferences resulting in an engaged and loyal customer base and increased efficiency and lower cost and risk for the busines


The World of Finance is changing and SAP is helping companies adapt to that change. SAP’s solutions in Finance and Risk cover Financial Planning and Analysis, Accounting and Financial Close, Finance Operations, Treasury Management, Enterprise Risk and Compliance as well as Cybersecurity and Data Protection.

The SIG will focus on finance topics, country regulatory changes, new technology innovations, roadmaps and feedback from customers on recent implementations.

Come join us and hear first-hand how you find value through;

  • SAP Best Practice presented by SAP Customers and Partners,
  • The Future of Finance in SAP,
  • Getting to know your counterparts and 
  • Enabling yourself through education by understanding future trends which could be of benefit to your organization.

Design to Operate 2.0 industry content launched: new industry-aligned content with SAP whitepapers for each of the core industries here:

  • Reduce time to market
  • Continuously and sustainably innovate
  •  Deliver on customer demand
  • Holistic view of demand
  • Balance Inventory and service levels
  • Improve forecast accuracy
  •  Optimise manufacturing processes and minimise
  • Increase agility and responsiveness
  • Improve collaboration with contractors
  • Improve speed, efficiency and sustainability
  • Deliver perfect orders consistently and profitably
  • Increase utilisation of warehouse and transportation
  • Manage lifecycle of physical assets efficiently and sustainably
  • Predict and simulate asset behaviour
  • Avoid unplanned downtime
  • Enable better collaboration between shoppers and carriers for improved process efficiency
  • Improved collaboration between manufactures and operators for Asset Management

The Data Management Special Interest Group exists to enable you to achieve information excellence, to improve operational efficiency, promote transparency and enable business insight. Through the group, AFSUG assist your organisation to unlock the power of information, to provide accurate and reliable information to support your business goals and enable sound decision making through sharing up-to-date content, top trends and SAP Strategy for Data Management.

Management around the following categories are in included:

  • Data integration:  Deliver complete and accurate information by managing data of any size from any data source
  • Data quality management: Establish trust in information by cleansing and enriching structured and unstructured data  
  • Master data management: Govern master data from its creation to delivery –to ensure consistent data across enterprise
  • Content management: Connect documents with structured processes to increase operational efficiency
  • Information LifeCycle Management: Manage information across its life-cycle with data archival and retention management
  • Business Analytics & Intelligence: Provide business insight to promote sound decision making

Data Modelling & Architecture: Understand the data in your organisation, its importance, impact, criticality and dependencies to improve data quality and insight and assist with digitalisation.

An intelligent enterprise requires a business-ready data platform that helps you find the signal in the noise and unleash your data’s potential for better business outcomes. The SAP HANA® platform provides the next-generation data management foundation for all of the industry-leading SAP® solutions. It also enables development of cutting-edge applications to deliver intelligent solutions for the enterprise quickly.

The SAP Human Experience Management Special Interest Group aims to provide an opportunity for likeminded members to get connected and share their experiences and knowledge gained. It provides an open, collaborative forum for the networking, learning and discussions /exchange of ideas around Human Experience Management.

These sessions offer an opportunity to meet a wide range of HR professionals both technical and non-technical with different levels of maturity in SAP HR On-premise and SuccessFactors from various organisations. These meetings are aimed to add value to the organisations the members represent and helping them gain a leading edge with the use of SAP HR On-premise and SuccessFactors.

The Real Estate Special Interest Group provides a forum for existing and potential users of the SAP RE-FX (Flexible Real Estate) and SAP Cloud for Real Estate module to come together and share experiences, tips and tricks in its use.

SAP Cloud for Real Estate is a strategic financial cloud application that provides centralised information for an organisation’s corporate real estate portfolio. The solution has a strong financial integration, provides analytics, and is easily connected through the cloud to web applications. Built on the SAP Cloud Platform, this IFRS 16-compliant solution assists CFO’s and corporate real estate managers in answering key questions regarding space utilisation, facility costs, portfolio composition, and partner collaboration through a beautiful, consumer-grade user experience.

SAP Cloud for Real Estate has three components:

  • Location Management provides the digital twin of the location, information about the real estate portfolio as well as building details like structure or measurements.
  • Workspace Management (with Workspace Utilisation) helps companies to efficiently manage space occupancy and better understand the actual utilisation of office spaces.
  • Contract & Lease Management helps companies to comply with IFRS16 / US-GAAP leasing requirements and efficiently manage the commercial processes of the building.

Retail and Consumer Products have traditionally been the largest industries in the SAP stable and as such attract the largest development budget. This together with the nature of the consumer driven economy, means that they are also the most innovative and progressive areas within SAP. This Special Interest Group aims to inform and assist the SAP Consumer Industries Community in understanding the developments in the market and SAP and remaining relevant as technology shifts. The SIG uses various techniques and regular in-person interactions to assist the AFSUG members across the entire sector. The SIG is driven by committee representatives from the major organisations that use SAP across the community and every attempt is made to meet regularly and share experiences and knowledge amongst the membership. The openness and frankness of the sessions belies the competitive nature of these industries and makes this SIG one of the few opportunities for open knowledge sharing based on actual experiences of the members – a true network and benchmark opportunity for the participating organisations.

AFSUG Special Interest Group S/4HANA is a newly congregated group within the AFSUG community who aim to assist the network to achieve their S/4HANA goals by sharing application development and deployment experiences and intend doing this through the medium of user Group interventions held 3-4 times per year at the regional venues. S/4HANA is intended to be easier to use and administer while helping to solve more complex problems and handle vastly larger amounts of data than its predecessors with technical cases studies and experiences of SAP customers and partners journeys towards S4/HANA development, implementation and deployment with discussion on associated challenges and solutions adopted.


Expertise in developing the business case for S4/HANA in terms of business challenges, financial implication and value add and the sharing of regular updates from SAP on latest technological roadmap and business cases.

The SIG covers SAP Solution Manager and its role as a tool in supporting Application Lifecycle Management. SAP Solution Manager provides a suite of capabilities to ensure accelerated implementation of new solutions in the ERP and S/4HANA landscape as well as capabilities to support smooth operations of your technical landscape and business solution.  The SIG is a platform for customers and experts to share knowledge, experiences, and best practices to ensure that customers can extract full value from SAP Solution Manager.

Contact Us Via Email At info@afsug.com If You Would Like More Information Or To Participate As A Member Of A Steering Committee For A Special Interest Group.
It is important to note that your organization must be an AFSUG Paid-up Member to participate as a Steercom Volunteer.