SAP User Group Executive Network | SUGEN

The SAP User-Group Executive Network (SUGEN) was established in 2007 to foster the information exchange and best practice sharing among SAP User Groups and to coordinate the collaboration with SAP for strategic topics. It is a united network of 49 SAP User Group Communities across six continents.

The SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN) is comprised of leaders from multiple global SAP User Groups. With a mission to provide a powerful, international voice, SUGEN unites regional SAP User Groups in an open, honest dialogue between members and SAP.

The SAP user group executive network (SUGEN) includes leaders from multiple user groups worldwide who are focused on driving the market toward excellence and innovation.


SUGEN’s mission is to be a powerful, international voice that unites regional SAP user groups in an open, honest dialogue between members and SAP that ultimately drives the market toward excellence, innovation, and success.

The charter of SUGEN is to be the global network of SAP user groups that provides a collective view of strategic issues that need to be addressed by SAP.

SUGEN provides a scalable and repeatable engagement methodology that guides SAP customers through different stages in their solution adoption cycle. 

Connect with SAP customers and industry and technology experts from SAP and our partners through SAP user groups. Supported by the Global User Groups organisation, these independent, not-for-profit groups educate members, facilitate customer involvement, and influence SAP strategy by:

  • Enabling SAP and SAP users to exchange information of mutual interest and value
  • Giving SAP users an opportunity to share experiences, knowledge, and ideas
  • Providing SAP with user feedback in all technical and functional areas of interest