Future Skills Development Program​

Welcome to the Future Skills Development Program, an initiative designed to empower early career talent with the skills they need to thrive in the workforce. This program is a collaborative effort between SAP, UNICEF with the assistance of AFSUG and industry experts who are committed to nurturing the next generation of professionals.

About SAP Educate 2 Employ: Empowering the Youth towards a Brighter Future

In today’s fast-evolving digital landscape, it is imperative that we extend opportunities to everyone, regardless of their background or circumstances. SAP, a global leader in software solutions, has embarked on a mission to bridge the opportunity gap for underserved youth. SAP Educate 2 Employ is designed to nurture talents and provide access to economic participation in the digital economy, promising a brighter future for young individuals eager to embark on a transformative career journey.

Who is SAP Educate 2 Employ For?

This initiative is primarily focused on nurturing underserved youth aged between 18 and 30, with a particular emphasis on women, displaced individuals, and youth with disabilities who may have faced unequal educational and employment opportunities. Prospective candidates should have a strong interest or background in technology and business, possess baseline digital skills, and demonstrate a self-driven commitment to learning and personal growth.

Expert Sessions

Learn from industry experts as they share their experiences and insights into various career roles. Gain valuable knowledge and inspiration for your career journey.

Collaboration Opportunities

Explore ongoing collaboration opportunities, such as mentoring and additional career support.

Future Skills Connect

A Future Skills Forum for the community will be set up to register, sign on, and show your commitment and participation.

Get Involved

Join us in shaping the future of the workforce. Get involved in the Future Skills Development Program and be part of a thriving community dedicated to empowering the next generation of professionals. Help shape the future of the workforce by participating in our survey.