Duke Mathebula Appointed to SUGEN CLT: AFSUG’s Continuing Leadership on the Global Stage

We are thrilled to announce a significant milestone for AFSUG as Duke Mathebula, our AFSUG Chairman, has been appointed to the Core Leadership Team (CLT) of the SAP User Group Executive Network (SUGEN). This appointment not only recognizes Duke’s exceptional leadership but also reaffirms AFSUG’s pivotal role within the global SAP community.

Duke Mathebula: A Leader with a Vision:

Duke Mathebula, MBA, has long been a driving force within AFSUG, championing innovation and excellence in SAP technology across Africa. With a wealth of experience and a strategic vision, Duke has continually led AFSUG towards greater heights, fostering collaboration and knowledge-sharing among SAP users in the region.

Continuing the Legacy:

Duke steps into the role on the heels of a profound loss within our community, following the passing of Reg Barry, the former CLT member. As we honor Reg’s legacy and contributions, Duke’s appointment represents a seamless transition and a commitment to carrying forward the torch of leadership within SUGEN.

AFSUG’s Global Influence:

AFSUG’s presence on the SUGEN CLT underscores our commitment to representing the interests of SAP users not only in Africa but also on the global stage. Through active participation in SUGEN, AFSUG continues to advocate for the needs and priorities of our members, ensuring that their voices are heard in shaping SAP’s strategic direction.

Driving Innovation and Success:

SUGEN serves as a platform for open dialogue between SAP and its user groups worldwide, driving innovation and excellence within the SAP ecosystem. Duke’s appointment to the CLT further strengthens this dialogue, providing AFSUG with a direct channel to influence SAP’s product roadmap and strategy.

Looking Ahead:

As Duke Mathebula assumes his new role on the SUGEN CLT, we are excited about the opportunities it presents for AFSUG and the broader SAP community. Together, we will continue to drive excellence, innovation, and success, further cementing AFSUG’s position as a leading voice within SUGEN and the global SAP landscape.

We congratulate Duke Mathebula on his appointment to the SUGEN CLT and express our gratitude for his ongoing dedication to AFSUG and the SAP community. With Duke’s leadership, we are confident that AFSUG will continue to thrive and make a meaningful impact on the future of SAP technology.